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My success is determined by my ability to push my limits

LPeralta (El*Pur*All*Tah) came into the scene in 2018, he was making beats since 2007 as a hobby but really put his heart into it in 2015.  After producing some beats and asking some people to either sing or lay some bars on his tracks with no success, he decided to do it himself.  Going through major obstacles to get to where he’s at today he decided to release his first single “Mi Amor no es Obligao” (My love isn’t required) on December 1st, 2018.  He decided to approach the Latin market first, gain some recognition and then start producing some English versions to his music.

LPeralta creates, writes, produces his music on his own.  Meaning he created the beat from scratch, wrote the lyrics to the songs from scratch and mixed his tracks on his own. His hunger comes from his eagerness to want to leave a legacy behind. Something to remember and be enjoyed by the masses.